Struggling With Your Heater

How To Decide Whether To Clean Or Replace Furnace Ductwork

The subject of repairing or replacing your ductwork may come up if you're trying to increase your furnace's efficiency, if you're worried that there is any damage, or if you are trying to improve the air quality in your home. Even if your home is only a few years old, certain circumstances may require the attention of professionals. The primary factor in whether you should clean or replace your ductwork is the severity of the problem you are experiencing. Read More 

2 Ways Other Parts Of The Condensing Unit Can Affect The Blower Fan

The condensing unit outside your home contains the parts vital to starting the cooling process. Among those parts is a blower fan that points at the condenser coils to prevent overheating and promote the proper phase change that allows the refrigerant fuel to move from outside to inside your home's air handler. Problems with the fan's blades or motor can occur and cause issues with the cooling system. But problems in other parts of the condensing unit can also impact how the fan does its job. Read More 

4 Tips For Inspecting The HVAC System Of A New Home

When you are in the process of purchasing a new home, you will want to take the time to inspect the HVAC system to ensure that it will not need replacing as soon as you move in. Even if it is in bad condition, though, if you are still interested in purchasing the home, you can offer a lower price in order to save money to use to replace the HVAC system. Read More 

Leaning Towards Crawl Space Encapsulation? 3 Ways To Prevent Moisture Buildup

If you're in the process of building a new home and it has a crawl space, your contractor might have talked to you about crawl space encapsulation. This process allows you to seal your crawl space off, which makes your home more energy efficient. Once the crawl space has been encapsulated, however, it can tend to develop a moisture problem. This is particularly true if your new home is located in a humid region of the United States. Read More 

How To Clean Your AC Fan Compartment

Most people think that they need to immediately call an HVAC contractor if their air conditioning system is not working perfectly. In reality, the problem is often very simple to fix (or at least to diagnose). With a little guidance, you can often find and fix the problem on your own. For instance, air conditioners commonly lose their efficiency when the fan compartment gets dirty and the output vents get clogged. Read More 

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Struggling With Your Heater

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