Struggling With Your Heater

Employ These Three Strategies To Reduce Your Air Conditioner Usage And Save Money

Your air conditioner is a valuable ally during the hot days of summer, but it's important to avoid letting the system blast cold air day and night if you don't want to be in for an unpleasant surprise when your next electricity bill arrives. You can often successfully reduce your air conditioner usage – and lower your electricity bills – by turning off the system overnight and allowing cool exterior air to flow through open windows. Beyond this strategy, here are three others ideas that you can easily implement to save money – not to mention prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your system.

Only Cool The Rooms You Use

If you spend the majority of your time in just a handful of rooms in your home, there's little point in cooling those in which you rarely step foot. For example, there's generally no purpose to cooling a guest room or a spare bedroom if you don't have plans to use them in the near future. As such, it's worthwhile to close the floor vents in these rooms and shut their respective doors. Doing so will channel the air to the vents located elsewhere in your home, which will allow these rooms to cool faster. The result will be that you won't need to run the system as long as you would otherwise.

Run Hot Appliances Strategically

The use of many appliances located throughout your home injects heat into your living quarters. This spike in temperature means that your air conditioner will need to run excessively as it battles to counteract this increased temperature. While you can't often completely abstain from using your appliances, do so strategically. The clothes dryer, for example, adds significant heat to your home. Try to run it at night when your windows are open and the A/C is turned off. Where your stove is concerned, consider cooking with the barbecue on especially hot days.

Use Your Bathroom Exhaust Fan

If you're the type of person who enjoys a hot shower – even when it's hot outside – it's important to avoid letting the heat that gathers in the bathroom filter into the rest of the house. When the hot air and humidity from the shower circulate, your air conditioner will be forced to run excessively. Always turn on the bathroom exhaust fan when you're planning a shower; it will move the heat and humidity out of your home so that they don't interfere with your air conditioner system.

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Struggling With Your Heater

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