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Hot New Thing Since Tankless: The 101 On Heat Pump Water Heaters

Due to their reduced energy costs and ability to provide a constant supply of hot water, tankless water heaters have become popular options for homeowners. While a great investment, other innovations are also available for your home's hot water needs. Heat pumps are used to heat and cool your home, but they can also be a great source of energy for your home's water heater. Using this guide, you will understand how heat pump water heaters are becoming the hot, new, energy-efficient option for your home.

Easier to Move than Make

A heat pump water heater works in a reversed manner of your refrigerator. As the refrigerator pulls heat from its interior, it moves it to a different location, ensuring its contents remain cool. With a heat pump water heater, the heat pump pulls heat from the air before dumping it, at a higher temperature, into your water heater.

Benefits of a Heat Pump Water Heater

Washing laundry and dishes, bathing, and showering all require hot water, but this use of energy can become expensive in homes with larger families. Thankfully, installing a heat pump water heater benefits your finances, the environment, and your family's needs and comfort.

Energy Efficiency

The use of a heat pump water heater is 2 to 3 times more energy efficient compared to traditional units that utilize electricity to heat water. While this energy conservation may not seem like a huge benefit, the savings can add up.

Conserving energy is smart for protecting the environment's natural resources, but it can also benefit your bank account.

Financial Savings

Your new heat pump water heater can reduce your monthly bills, as well. The installation of an Energy Star certified heat pump water heater can save a household of 4 an estimated $330 per year.

Of course, your specific savings will depend on a few factors including the make and model of your heat pump and water heater as well as your household's hot water usage.  

Increased Home Value

Energy efficient updates add value to your home. If you ever need to sell your house, these updates will be more appealing to potential buyers. This increased interest will increase your home value, ensuring  your home will stand out among the competition.

While going tankless is beneficial, a heat pump water heater is the new, hot thing for your home. For more information, contact Allied Mechanical & Electrical, Inc. or a similar company.

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