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3 Indications That Your Air Conditioning System Needs Professional Attention

Although you may be able to replace the output vent filters of your air conditioning system on your own, there are many repairs that need to be made by a professional. Still, it is important to know when it is necessary to call a professional air conditioner service technician to inspect your system. Here are a few indications that a problem with your system is developing and needs professional attention:

Loud Sounds

Sometimes, as your system runs, you may start to notice unusual sounds. The gentle hum of an HVAC system is quite normal. However, loud noises, such as screeches or clanking sounds, are not. These sounds may indicate that components of your system have worn away, become loose or are even missing. Without technical knowledge, it can be difficult to determine just what the problem is. A professional HVAC technician is able to assess the components of your system to determine exactly where the noises are coming from.

Foul Smells Coming from Your Vents

If the air from your vents is usually fresh and clean-smelling, it can be alarming to suddenly smell malodorous air flowing through your vents into your home. However, there can be multiple reasons for foul-smelling air coming from your vents. In some cases, a small animal, such as a mole a rodent, may have died in your ducts. The decayed creature may emit smells that are being forced into your home as the air from your air conditioning system flow in.

In addition, if moisture has a built up in your HVAC system, mold growth may have resulted. A musty, moldy smell could indicate that mold spores are being transported into your home through your system. This needs immediate attention. Mold growth is associated with breathing problems, general malaise and allergic reactions. An air conditioning specialist will be able to check your system to determine whether or not mold is present and remove it from your vents if necessary.

No Response from Your Air Conditioning System When You Set Your Thermostat

When you set your thermostat to the desired temperature for your home, your system should respond by blowing cool air into the living space until the desired temperature is reached. However, if you set your thermostat to a new temperature, and the HVAC system does not respond, there could be a problem with the thermostat, the wiring or even the compressor of your air conditioning system.

If you are concerned that your air conditioning system may need to be repaired, schedule an appointment with an air conditioning service specialist in your area. Visit for more information.   

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