Struggling With Your Heater

What Can You Do To Reduce Cooling Costs This Spring And Summer?

Cooling your home during the spring and summer can get expensive. Knowing how to lower your cooling costs will help you have more money available for fun activities and summer vacations. The following tips will help you reduce your cooling costs as the year warms up.

Turn Up Your Air Conditioner One Degree At A Time

Many people keep their air conditioner at a standard temperature during the day without giving it much thought. If this is your habit, now is the time to find out how high you can set your thermostat before you become truly uncomfortable. The next time you run your air conditioner, set the thermostat at your regular preferred temperature, then turn the thermostat up by one degree every hour until you become uncomfortable. Leaving your thermostat on the highest comfortable setting will help you save money. Seventy-eight degrees Fahrenheit is often the recommended AC temperature.

Run Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans don't actually cool the house unless they're drawing cool air from the outside (which can happen at night when the windows are open). However, ceiling fans do help circulate air in your home, which can help you feel cool and help stretch your air conditioned air a little bit farther. Run your ceiling fans on low to medium throughout the summer to take advantage of this effect.

Update Your Cooling System

Cooling systems have a way of growing less efficient as time goes on. You can improve your home's energy efficiency by replacing and repairing all components of your home's cooling system, including:

  • Ducts. Ducts often develop leaks over the years. Sealing or replacing your ducts as needed will help you repair any expensive air leaks. To improve your ducts' efficiency, make sure you are changing the filters at least every 3 months (every month is also recommended for those with special considerations, like allergies).
  • Air conditioner. If your air conditioner is more than 10 years old, you can save up to 20 percent on your cooling costs this summer by replacing your old air conditioner with one of the new high efficiency air conditioners on the market. Talk with a professional, like Home Comfort Systems, for more information.
  • Thermostat. If your thermostat is very old, it may be unprogrammable. If you have an old thermostat, you can save a lot of money by installing a programmable thermostat that will help you to turn up and down the temperature in your home based on your changing cooling needs throughout the day.

Cook Outdoors

Cooking indoors releases a lot of heat into the home, especially if you have to run the oven. You can avoid this problem by engaging in that quintessential warm-weather activity: grilling.

Take Cold Showers

Taking cold showers throughout the day will help you stay cool, which will make it easier to avoid the temptation to turn down your air conditioner as the weather heats up.

For more information about how you can control your cooling costs and stay comfortable this spring and summer, speak with your HVAC professional. He or she can give you tips and talk to you about improvements to your HVAC system that will help you meet your goals.

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