Struggling With Your Heater

Three Indicators Of A Problem With Your Air Conditioner

During the hot months of summer, the last thing you need to deal with is an air conditioner that stops working, as it might be a couple days before your local HVAC contractor can get the necessary parts to get the system repaired. While it's always possible for the AC to break down suddenly and without much in the way of a warning, there are other times that your air conditioner will give you a subtle or not-so-subtle sign that it's experiencing a problem. It's beneficial for you to be able to catch these signs quickly so that you can turn off the system and schedule your repair call. Here are three indicators that there's a problem with the air conditioner.

Diminished Flow Of Air

When all of your floor vents are wide open, you should have an idea of how much air your air conditioner is pushing into your home when it's running. By knowing this information, you'll likely have an easy time discerning when the flow of air is less than it should be. This is a concern because your air conditioner might be running more than it should in a futile attempt to cool your home, possibly because of a problem with the fan or a breakage somewhere in the ducts near the AC. If you notice this problem, you probably also notice that your home isn't getting as cool as it should.

Strange Smells Coming From Your Vents

The air that is pushed through your ducts and into your home through the floor rents should essentially be odorless. While it might smell a little stale if you haven't replaced the air conditioner's filter recently, it's a concern if other smells are present. However, a smell of mildew can indicate that there could be mold growing somewhere in your ducts. You could also smell a burning smell, which can suggest that there's a problem with the motor.

Loud Noises

If you're accustomed to the quiet operation of your air conditioner, you'll hopefully have no trouble noticing when it's making noises that it shouldn't. Unusual, loud noises are a sign that something is wrong. If you hear what sounds like an incessant grinding when the AC is running, it could mean that the motor's bearings need to be replaced. A high-pitched shrieking sound could indicate that normally lubricated parts are starting to seize or that a belt needs to be replaced. For more information, talk to a professional like Jones Air Conditioning & Electric.

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