Struggling With Your Heater

Preventing AC Damage During Lawn Care

When the warm days of spring begin to appear, thoughts quickly turn to the need of cool air conditioning. It may also bring the need for yard work. These two items can go hand in hand, as maintaining your lawn can have an effect on your outdoor HVAC condenser. The following are some things you can do while cleaning the yard to make sure the condenser remains in optimal condition during the warm weather season:

Prevent Collecting Debris 

One way to keep your condenser in shape during the warm months is to keep any dirt and debris from collecting in it when you are taking care of the lawn. You can place some pavers around the bottom of the condenser to keep this from happening. Taking this step can also keep water from collecting near the bottom during rainstorms. Another benefit of placing some pavers near the bottom of the unit can help keep it level, allowing it to run efficiently.

Keep Shrubs Pruned

If you have shrubbery planted near the HVAC unit, it is crucial to keep them trimmed back and away from the unit. While there are some benefits to having shrubs planted, including muffling noise and disguising the unit, they can affect how well the system works. If they begin to grow to close, it can affect how well the air can circulate through the condenser. Large shrubs can also make it more difficult for the unit to be serviced if the need arises.

Take Care With Weed Removal

If you are a fan of removing weeds from your lawn, it is very important to do this carefully when working around the condenser. This is particularly important if you use a weed eater. This piece of equipment can very easily cut the lines that run the outside unit into the house if you are not mindful. Avoid cutting the weeds near the back of the unit to ensure you do not do any damage to the air conditioning system.

It can be very exciting to gear up for the spring and summer months, especially after a long winter. However, it is important to not get overzealous when doing yard work around the air conditioning unit. If your air conditioning system suddenly stops working properly after you have worked around it, chances are it will need to be looked at by a HVAC technician. For more information, contact a company like Cape Fear Air Conditioning & Heating Co., Inc.

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Struggling With Your Heater

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