Struggling With Your Heater

3 Alternative Heating Solutions To Combine With HVAC

Heating your home can be a major cost that you want to cut down on. There are many improvements that you may consider to improve heat loss and energy efficiency. You may also want to consider alternative heating solutions, such as passive designs or using stoves for heat sources. Here are some of the alternative heating solutions that you may want to consider combining with conventional HVAC:

1. Passive Heating And Cooling Designs With Home Renovations

Passive home designs can be used to heat and cool your home naturally. If you are planning on doing major renovations to your home, this can be done by adding things like an all-season room to your home, or garden windows and greenhouses that have an attached design. This can help your home warm naturally during sunlight hours to help reduce your heating costs. You can also include features that help keep your home cool with ventilation through things like functional skylight windows or a solar tower design with a cupola on your roof.

2. Using Pellet And Biomass Stoves To Supplement Home Heating

Biomass energy can be a much more affordable way to heat your home during the winter months. Pellet heating systems even come in stoves, which only need a few improvements to install them in your home, such as an additional exhaust pipe. In addition to pellet stoves, there are also other biomass systems that can use other fuel materials, such as dried corn, wood ships and other types of dry organic material.

3. Fireplaces And Wood Burning Stoves To Help Keep Your Home Warm

Good ole fashion fireplaces and wood burning stoves can also be a great way to heat your home during the winter months. These can be old versions, or they can be new improved models that have flues and designs with vents that help disperse heat more efficiently. This can be an affordable addition to your home to help lower your heating costs during the coldest winter months. If you want something with a modern design, inserts can be a good investment and can even include fans to blow the heat that is produced into your home for more efficient heating.

These are some solutions that you may want to consider to help your HVAC heat your home and lower your energy bills. If you are ready to start reducing your heating costs, contact a heating contractor (like those at Don's AC Service, Inc. and other locations) and talk them about installing other solutions to keep your home warm this winter.

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Struggling With Your Heater

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