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Clean Your Ducts To Protect Your Health

Have you ever walked into a home that has not been dusted in a long while? A thick layer of dust coats everything. What is this dust made from? While some people think that dust is made mostly of dead skin cells, the truth is even more disgusting. Dust is made of fine sand, dust, insect droppings, pet dander, plant pollen, insect carcasses, mold spores, and other environmental contaminants. While frequent dusting will help to keep your home free of this concoction of grossness, what about your ducts? Regular duct cleaning can help to keep both your house and your lungs clean. 

How Ducts Get Dirty

Hidden away inside your walls, ducts might seem like an unlikely place for dust to build up, but dust can enter ducts in a couple of different ways. For one, the pores in the your AC system's air filter are large enough to allow some contaminants through. For another, when your AC system is at rest, dust can fall into your ducts through the vents spread throughout your house. These contaminants can then wreak havoc on your lungs.

What about DIY Duct Cleaning?

You might think that there is nothing more to cleaning your ducts than opening up your vents and inserting a vacuum. The problem with this approach is that your vacuum will have a limited reach. While cleaning the first few feet of your ducts is a good start, you still have to worry about the dust spread throughout the rest of your ducts. 

Why Call the Professionals?

You should be able to conduct inspections on your own. Simply open your ducts, shine a light down the first few feet of your ducts, and look for a coating of grime. Professionals will connect a vacuum to your ducts near where the ducts connect to your AC unit. They can then use specially designed brushes to push dust back from your vents toward the high-powered vacuum. In this way, they can quickly and thoroughly clean the full length of your ducts. 

If left unchecked, your ducts can gather enough dust to put an abandoned home to shame. Every time you turn on your AC, the air flowing through your ducts will gather some of the accumulated contaminants and spew them all over your house. Not only can this make it hard to keep your home clean, but it can also irritate your lungs. You should have your ducts cleaned whenever you find signs of built-up dust inside them, but especially if you have asthma or allergies. Proper duct maintenance will help to keep the air in your home clean. 

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