Struggling With Your Heater

How To Clean Your AC Fan Compartment

Most people think that they need to immediately call an HVAC contractor if their air conditioning system is not working perfectly. In reality, the problem is often very simple to fix (or at least to diagnose). With a little guidance, you can often find and fix the problem on your own. For instance, air conditioners commonly lose their efficiency when the fan compartment gets dirty and the output vents get clogged. This article explains how to repair these common problems.

Accessing the Fan Compartment

First of all, you need to access the main compartment. Make sure you turn the power off before you start to do any work. Then, remove the metal bird guard at the top of the AC unit.  Most guards can be removed by just removing a couple of Phillips head screws with a power drill. The guard should lift right out of place once the screws are removed.

Cleaning Out the Compartment

You definitely want to have a flashlight so can see all the way to the bottom of the compartment. The fan blades will block most of the visibility, but you should still be able to reach the bottom of the compartment. Start off by snaking a hose vacuum down there see you can suck all the dirt and leaves off of the floor. You also need to locate the output duct. This is where air is circulated from the fan into the ducts so it is very important that this junction is not clogged. Most likely, you'll be able to unclog any leaves or dust in the junction with the vacuum. However, if you have a serious clog, you might need to actually reach down and clear it out with your hands.

Clean Up any Mold

While you have full access to your fan compartment, you also want to clean the sidewalls and the fan blades. Use a damp rag to wipe away any dust buildup. It is also important to search for mold on the inside of the compartment. Any mold in this area can be circulated into your home. This is a major concern if you have allergies. In fact, mold could be the cause of your allergies, so you want to clean it off as soon as possible. Usually, a wet rag will get the job done, but you might want to use a household cleaner if you spot mold.

It is very easy to clean the fan compartment of a normal air conditioning unit. Don't neglect this simple maintenance. For assistance, visit

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