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Should Your Air Conditioner Be Repaired Or Replaced? Signs A Professional Considers When Making A Recommendation To You

If your air conditioning unit is not working properly, it may need to be repaired or it may need to be replaced. An air conditioning repair company, like Arctic Air and Heat, can make a recommendation to you about which option they recommend and why. But ultimately, you have the final say in whether the unit is repaired or replaced. Here are a few of the things a professional considers when making this recommendation to you. 

The Cost of the Repair Versus the Cost of a New Unit

One of the biggest factors that influences the decision as to whether you should repair or replace your air conditioning unit is the cost of the repair versus the cost of a new unit. In some cases, this is very clear cut, such as when the cost of the repair exceeds the cost of replacement. But often, it is not this clear. In most cases, the repairman has to take this into account, as well as many other factors, including age and condition, to determine if the repair cost makes sense given the age and condition of your unit or if replacement is better. 

The Age of Your Air Conditioning Unit

Speaking of the age of your air conditioning unit, the age also influences the recommendation of the air conditioning repairman. If your unit is nearing the end of its lifespan, it may not make sense to invest very much into a repair. On the flip side, if your unit is fairly new, it may make sense to invest more than you would on an older unit because the unit should still have plenty of life remaining after this repair is made. 

Their Ability to Obtain Replacement Parts

The last factor an air conditioning repair company will look at when making a recommendation to you about repairing or replacing your current air conditioner is their ability to obtain replacement parts. If your unit has been discontinued, it may be challenging to find replacement parts for your unit. If an air conditioner repairman can't obtain the parts easily, they may recommend replacing the unit to save both the time and hassle of tracking down hard-to-find parts. 

There are many things that a professional air conditioning repairman must consider when making a recommendation as to whether repair or replacement is best for your current air conditioning unit. Knowing what they look for and what influences their decision can help you understand where they are coming from and why when they give you their professional opinion. 

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