Struggling With Your Heater

4 Tips For Maximizing Your Air Conditioning System's Performance

An air conditioning system can be the only thing that keeps your home comfortable during the summers. While this system will be extremely effective at cooling the home's interior, it will be prone to suffering performance issues if it some key points are not followed.

1. Service The Primary Cooling Unit

Over the life of the air conditioner, the unit will gradually suffer various types of wear that will be able to greatly reduce the overall performance of the system. Additionally, this can become a severe enough issue to lead to the system suffering serious damages that could force you to replace the entire unit. When you invest the time and money into having the system serviced on a regular basis, you will be able to avoid these issues as minor wear and tear can be corrected long before it is able to worsen into serious matters.

2. Keep The System In The Shade 

Homeowners will often have their exterior units in a location where intense sunlight can be expected. While the system will likely still be able to provide cool air when this is the case, it can be prone to having to expend far more energy than necessary due to the unit becoming extremely hot as a result of this exposure. By shading the unit, you can limit the amount of heat that it will absorb, which can help to boost is overall performance.

3. Use Curtains To Limit Interior Solar Heating

The sunlight coming into your home will bring sizable amounts of heat with it. Over the course of a day, this can contribute to the interior of the house becoming extremely hot and unpleasant. To prevent this source of heat from forcing your air conditioner to work harder to cool the interior of the house, you can use thick curtains that will block out this light before it can reach your home's interior. Ideally, you should choose a light color for your curtains as this will be more effective at reflecting the sun's intense light.

4. Change The Air Filters

The air filter for the system will serve the vital function of removing much of the dust and allergens that may be in the air. Yet, homeowners that fail to change these filters on a monthly basis can experience serious performance issues. In addition to the clogged filters being less able to filter out particulate matter, this can also make the system use more energy as it will have increased difficulty with pulling air through the clogged filter.

For more information, contact your local air conditioning repair services.

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