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Know Your AC Systems: An Overview Of PTAC

Some homeowners get surprised when their contractors talk about Package Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) because they have never heard of the stuff. Well, a PTAC is just one of the many available types of ACs, and you will understand why your contractor suggested one once you get to know all about it.

What It Is

A conventional AC is comprised of various parts; mainly the outdoor and indoor unit, that work together to keep the whole house clean. Well, a PTAC also cools your house, but it isn't comprised of multiple parts. Rather, a PTAC is a self-contained AC system that contains everything it needs in one unit; the PTAC unit is installed through the wall of rooms with an outside wall. The PTAC controls only the temperature of the room containing the wall through which it has been installed. This means that if you want to cool multiple rooms, then each of them will require a PTAC installation.

Who Needs One?

You are probably wondering why you would need a PTAC since it seems so complicated; after all, you have to install one in each room! Well, the self-contained nature of a PTAC means that there are a number of scenarios it fits perfectly. For example, you should consider getting one if:

  • You have an existing house without ductworks; installing a PTAC makes sense in this case because the unit doesn't require ductwork installation
  • You have space constraints; a PTAC also makes sense in this case because it is a self-contained unit without ductwork requirement

The Advantages

Apart from the issue of no ductwork, there are other advantages of PTACs that make them attractive cooling options. For example:

  • The units are self-contained, so you can buy only the units you need and scale up as needed
  • They are relatively inexpensive to operate because you only cool the rooms you need cooled
  • They can be used in building extensions where extending the main AC wouldn't be efficient

Any Concerns?

If you are considering a PTAC, you should know everything about them including possible drawbacks. For example, PTACs tend to be noisier than conventional ACs, they may be expensive for a very large building with multiple rooms, and of course, they won't work in internal rooms.

Does this look like something you may want? If so, consult an AC technician to assess your home and help you figure out if you can benefit from a PTAC. Contact a company like Boyers  R S Heating &  Air Conditioning Inc for more information and assistance.

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