Struggling With Your Heater

AC Not Running Efficiently? Check These 3 Things

Have you noticed that your home's air conditioning is running more often than normal? If so, it's likely not running as efficiently as it could. Here are some things you can check that could be causing this problem with your HVAC system.

1. Is The Thermostat Properly Placed?

The problem with your air conditioner may not be due to the air conditioner itself, but the placement of the thermostat. The thermostat is what reads the temperature inside your home, and there a few things that can throw it off from providing accurate readings.

For instance, a thermostat placed in direct sunlight can make your home's temperature feel hotter than normal, making the air conditioner run unnecessarily to cool down a home that is already cool. A thermostat placed on an exterior wall can also feel hotter than an interior wall, making the air conditioner run unnecessarily. Having the thermostat near hot appliances, such as right outside of the kitchen, can also cause the air conditioner to turn on while you're cooking.

If the placement is throwing off the temperature, you'll need an HVAC contractor to move the thermostat to a new location that will accurately read your home's temperature.

2. Is The Air Conditioner Shaded?

The placement of the air conditioner outside your home also plays a role in its overall efficiency. You want the unit to be in a place where it is shaded throughout the day so that the unit won't get too hot when it's running. If the unit is hot, it may not be able to work efficiently and put excessive wear on the component.

The unit may have been shaded at one point, but it can change without you realizing it. For instance, there may have been a large tree that once shaded the air conditioner, but the tree was recently cut down and now allows the sun to shine right on it. Putting a fence around the air conditioner can help shield it from the sun.

3. Is The Air Filter Dirty?

All air that your air conditioner produces must pass through the air filter. If this filter is filthy, the air conditioner going to have a harder time pushing air through the filter and cool off your home. It can be amazing the difference a clean air filter can make in the overall efficiency of your home's air conditioner since it creates a clear path for the air to pass through.

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Struggling With Your Heater

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