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How To Know When Your AC Needs Repairs

Early AC repairs can be the difference between spending a few dollars and spending several hundred dollars. Like most machines, there are always signs that an AC machine requires repairs. Being able to identify these signs when they show up is important.

Many people will continue to use their ACs as long as they are operable. Unfortunately, this means that the level of damaged taking place will be a lot higher. In some cases, you may even have to replace the whole appliance. How can you tell that it's time to repair your AC?

Blowing Warm or Hot Air

If you're getting hot or warm air from your AC, you'll want it looked at by a professional. This is usually a sign that something is wrong with the compressor. The compressor may have been damaged or the refrigerant inside may have leaked.

In both cases, the compressor will be unable to do its role in cooling the refrigerant which is supposed to cool the air until the problem is fixed.

Moisture Around the AC System

A little bit of moisture around your AC system isn't always an emergency. However, it's good to at least identify what the cause of the issue is. Moisture around the AC could be caused by something blocking the condensate line in the AC. If this moisture leads to the growth of mold, it could compromise the quality of air entering your home.

Moisture near the AC could also be a sign that there is a refrigerant leak. This will need to be addressed quickly as the system will soon become ineffective.

Strange Sounds from the AC

AC systems are designed to run smoothly and quietly. If any unusual sounds are coming from your system, something definitely needs to be checked. Grinding, grating and squealing can all be signs that something is wrong with some mechanical components in the system. If this problem isn't repaired as quickly as possible, it could permanently damage your AC.

Unusual Smell from the AC

There are several things that can create an unusual smell in your AC. A small animal may have died inside the ducts. This could also be due to mold growth in your AC if the smell is musty. Having your AC system spreading mold throughout your home puts everyone's health at risk. Call air conditioning services to have the mold cleaned out and the moisture source identified and repaired.

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