Struggling With Your Heater

Heating System Maintenance Tasks That Help Your Furnace Be More Reliable And Efficient

Your home's heating system needs regular maintenance so it works efficiently all winter and so it has a long life. Since a new furnace is a big investment, you want to keep your old one in good shape as long as possible. One way to do that is to have annual cleaning and servicing by a professional. Also, you can do things yourself to prevent problems during the heating season. Here are some maintenance tasks your heating system needs.

Repair Duct Problems

The ducts are part of your heating system, and if they are leaky or full of dust, then it will affect the air in your house. Take some duct tape with you when you look over the ducts so you can tape up gaps in seams and other leaky areas. This keeps warm air from leaking into your attic and being wasted. Check inside one of the ducts if you can to see if there's a buildup of dust or debris from pests. While you may not need your ducts cleaned out every year, you may want to have them cleaned occasionally, especially if they have mold, rodent droppings, or a lot of dust in them.

Keep The Filter Clean

Follow the recommendations of the manufacturer or your HVAC technician when it comes to the frequency of changing the filter. A good practice is to at least check the filter once a month to see if it needs to be changed before the due date. Even if the filter is supposed to last three months, you should change it early if it gets covered with dust. A dusty and clogged filter causes all sorts of problems with a heating system, so keeping the filter clean is an important maintenance task for you to do all season.

Clean The Furnace Internally

You'll want to hire a professional to clean your furnace internally. This is also important for the proper functioning of the heating system. If the furnace gets clogged up with dust, the blower might not work like it should and your furnace may overheat. A heating system maintenance technician can take your furnace apart and clean the internal parts that might be coated with dust and grime so the blower fan and motor glide without resistance. The ignition area of the furnace may need to be cleaned too. One sign of a dirty ignition is when a gas furnace has an orange flame rather than a blue one. While the technician has your furnace apart cleaning it, he or she will also check the parts for signs of wear and replace them before they break down. By having this service annually, you can prevent problems before they happen.

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Struggling With Your Heater

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