Struggling With Your Heater

Reasons A Gas Furnace Can Be Inefficient

Has your furnace been struggling with warming up your house? If so, know that it could be due to the furnace becoming inefficient. Here are some common reasons why a furnace can become inefficient.

Dirty Air Filter

You may not think that an air filter can have an effect on how well your furnace works, but it actually can make a big impact. All air that the furnace heats passes through the air filter. If that filter is obstructed and covered with dirt due to not being changed, the air is going to have a hard time passing through. This can cause the furnace to run longer than necessary to heat your home, which will put a lot of unnecessary wear and tear on the blower and heating element. It can even lead to premature furnace failure and expensive service calls, all due to something that can be avoided by changing the air filter.

Clogged Burner

Were you aware that the burner can also become clogged and cause inefficiencies? The problem with a dirty burner is that it will have problems keeping your furnace's pilot light lit. This is one problem you may need professional help to solve since it is not easy to troubleshoot a dirty furnace burner.

An HVAC contractor will look at the part to determine if it needs to be cleaned or replaced with a brand new burner. If a replacement is necessary, they can help supply the part and perform the replacement for you.

Air Duct Leaks

It's also possible for all that hot air to be leaking out of your ductwork. Leaks can easily happen in places where ductwork joins together, and that can cause you to heat parts of your home that you did not intend to. An HVAC contractor can help identify those leaks, including those in the walls of your home. They can use an infrared camera to see where the hot spots are when the furnace is running, and if that heat is escaping and getting into the space between your walls.


Sometimes inefficiencies can be due to the old age of the furnace. If you are not sure, look for the label on the furnace that has the manufacturing information, which should tell you the year that the furnace was made. If it is between 20-30 years ago, you are likely overdue for furnace replacement. Reach out to an HVAC specialist for help with furnace selection and replacement.

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Struggling With Your Heater

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