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3 Tips To Keep Your AC Warranty Intact

An air conditioner is a costly investment for any homeowner. Manufacturers understand that homeowners want to protect their investment, so most major AC manufacturers offer warranties on the units they produce.

The last thing you want to do is try to cash in on your warranty, only to find that you have unknowingly voided the protection the warranty offered. You must be vigilant in doing your part to ensure that your AC warranty remains intact.

1. Register Your AC Unit

As soon as your new air conditioner is installed, you need to register the unit with the manufacturer. This registration process lets the manufacturer know which AC unit is in your home and ties the unit to your property in the future.

A warranty typically begins when the registration process is complete, so this is a vital step in protecting your HVAC investment. Ask your HVAC technician about the registration process and be sure to complete the registration in a timely manner to keep your warranty intact.

2. Invest in Quality Repairs

When your air conditioner needs to be repaired, it's tempting to call the cheapest technician available in order to save some money. Know that doing so could potentially void the warranty protecting your air conditioner.

Manufacturers want to know that if an AC unit malfunctions, it is not due to improper repairs or faulty parts. Most manufacturers provide a list of approved technicians that they deem qualified to work on the AC units they produce. Be sure to consult this approved list and select a technician from it to make repairs if you want to protect your warranty.

3. Complete Routine Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance is essential to the performance of any air conditioner. If you don't do your part to keep the AC unit in working condition, the manufacturer can't be expected to reimburse you for the cost of any repairs.

Most air conditioner services offer their customers access to preventative maintenance programs. These programs can include routine inspections and minor repairs that will help prevent any serious problems from arising in the future.

Opting to pay for this type of maintenance program is a great way to ensure you don't forget about routine maintenance and accidentally void the warranty on your AC unit.

A warranty offers you peace of mind and financial help when your AC unit breaks down. Understand the terms of your warranty so that you won't discover you have inadvertently voided the warranty when you need it most.

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