Struggling With Your Heater

Radiant Floor Heating: What You Need To Know

When you think about a traditional heating system, you probably imagine hot air coming up through the vents throughout your house. But today's homeowners are turning to radiant floor heating as a more premium option. Never heard of it? Here's what you need to know about radiant floor heating and why you might want to get a professional to help with this type of heating installation today.

An Even Feeling

When you use a vent system to warm your home, the air might be a bit warmer in certain spots of certain rooms at first and will take time to properly heat the entire house. Radiant heating works by bringing the heat up evenly from the floor beneath your feet. The heat rises in equal strength all across the floor of every room where you have it installed. This will ensure better overall comfort for you and your family as you try to stay warm.

Very Little Maintenance with Electric-Based Systems

Once radiant heating is properly installed, it will require little maintenance going forward. Radiant floor heating often uses wires that are slowly heated underneath the floor in order to generate the heat. Once it is set up by a heating installation professional, you won't have to think about it much at all.

An exception to this though is if you are using a water-based radiant floor heating system. This version runs hot water through piping underneath the floor to create the same effect. In this case, you may want to get the pipes inspected more often than you would the electrical wiring in order to check for things like leaks and corrosion.

Don't Forget the Insulation

If you are going to attempt installation of a radiant floor heating system on your own, one thing you definitely don't want to forget is proper insulation. It should be placed down by the slab, underneath the wiring or pipes. This will ensure that the heat generated will not go down but instead will rise up through your flooring. Radiant heat installation without proper insulation is just a waste of money, so make sure this is taken care of first.

If you want to give radiant heating a chance, contact a heating installation professional near you today. Radiant floor heating will keep your family more comfortable by heating the entire room or house evenly and you'll have much less maintenance to deal with going forward, especially if your radiant system is electric-based.

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