Struggling With Your Heater

Summer Furnace Repair Services? Here's Why You May Need An HVAC Professional Right Now

Why could you need furnace repair services in the summer months? Even though the weather is warm, you shouldn't ignore your heater. If you're not sure whether you should call a contractor, take a look at the top summer-time furnace repair questions to ask right now.

Do You Smell A Rotten Egg Odor?

Natural gas has no scent. But that doesn't mean you won't smell a leak. Gas suppliers add a rotten egg or sulfur-like scent to make its presence known. If you have a natural gas furnace and smell a rotten egg odor, contact emergency services and an HVAC professional immediately.

Why shouldn't you let a natural gas smell go untreated? Natural gas is combustible. A stray spark or flame (in combination with the gas) can cause serious damage to your home or injure your family. Even though you may not need to use the heater much during the summer months, a gas leak is a problem you should never ignore.

Does the Heater Turn on Unexpectedly?

The thermostat setting shouldn't allow your furnace to turn on—unless you have a mid-summer cold snap. If your heater unexpectedly starts to blow warm air, it's possible that the thermostat isn't working. A faulty thermostat may not read the interior temperature correctly. But if you only hear the fan or the blower, your HVAC system may have a different issue.

If you have central air conditioning, the noise may have little to do with the heater. The fan or the AC system can make the same noise as a heater. Feel the air near the vents to assess whether it's warm or cool. Cool air indicates a working air conditioner—and not a heater problem.

Did You Schedule Post-Season Service?

How well did your furnace heat your home at the end of the season? If your home's energy bills were high, the system made unexplained noises, or you noticed damage, you need post-winter service. If you skipped this service as the weather began to warm, you can still schedule it well into the summer.

Don't let the summer heat stop you from scheduling this service. Even though it may not seem like your system needs an immediate furnace repair, a professional may catch problems that aren't obvious. The sooner you fix potential issues, the lower the chances are that a serious issue will develop. A summer maintenance service will prepare your furnace for future use.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers furnace repair services.

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