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Keeping Your Air Conditioning System Running Efficiently With Proper Maintenance

There are often many questions that come with air conditioning maintenance and service, but the answers are pretty straightforward for residential ac units. Your AC tech can help you understand the need for air conditioning maintenance on your system and show you how to do some things like filter changes to save a little money.

Maintenance Schedule

One of the most common questions about air conditioning maintenance is how often it should be done. There are several different ideas about this, but most companies recommend a service and inspection on your AC unit once a year at a minimum. Some AC companies recommend a check and service in the spring and then again in the fall, but often that applies more to full HVAC systems, not just AC systems.

Most air conditioning maintenance is done in the spring so that the system is ready when the weather starts to get hot and you need to turn on the system for the first time for the year. The last thing you want is a surprise when you turn on the AC, and a belt breaks or a motor is frozen, so the system does not work. 

Needed Service

The inspection of the air conditioning starts with the condenser unit outside the home. The air conditioner maintenance tech will take the fan out and clean it, wash out all the fins on the coils, and check the electrical connections, the belts, and the coolant lines inside the unit. 

Once the condenser is deemed ready to go, the tech will clean more inside and change the system's air filters. The tech will also check the fan motor inside the unit and going over all the electrical and other connections to ensure that everything is in good shape and ready for use. Typically the tech will start the system to ensure that everything is working as it should be before they are done with the air conditioning service.

Service Costs

The cost of the air conditioning maintenance call can vary, but in most areas, you can expect to pay between seventy-five and two hundred dollars to maintain the system. If the technician needs to replace parts on the unit, it will add to the cost, but many times the labor cost to replace the part is covered under the maintenance visit, so you may only need to pay extra for the parts.

Larger air conditioner systems that require a lot of additional work to maintain may cost a little more than a small system, but the best option is to call the air conditioning company and have them give you an estimate for your system.

To learn more about air conditioning maintenance, contact a local HVAC technician.

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